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The HBO Voyeur Project
Skhizein - Jeremy Clapin
El Empleo (The Employment) - Santiago Bou Grasso
Genre - Don Hertzfeldt
Rejected - Don Hertzfeldt

Anatomy, X-ray as art

The HBO Voyeur Project
("HBO|Voyeur." http://archive.bigspaceship.com/hbovoyeur)
The HBO Voyeur Project (2007) is an example of watching people through sections, the videos in each household plays through their story simultaneously. The audience, "The Voyeur," pieces through the video revealing how each story and each character connects.
Having a bachelor degree in architecture trained me to be extremely intrigued by this piece of work. I like the idea that life still goes on elsewhere while the audience is focused on something specific, yet afterwards it all pieces up together revealing ties and clues depending on the time. Also the idea of "Voyeurism" allowing the audience to have a limited omniscient approach, spying on people arouses a sense of morbid fascination whereas the audience would relate differently if it were in a first-person narrative. Having this gap in space creates a show where the audience steps out and watches as if they are some other force of nature.

Skhizein - Jeremy Clapin
Combining the idea of scale and space, Skhizein tells a story of man whose world is off after being struck by a meteorite. The film touches upon alienation and the distance of society to those who are mental or physically ill.

El Empleo (The Employment) - Santiago Bou Grasso

Santiago Bou Grasso' s 2D animation "El Empleo" (2008) creates a world that depict people as objects. The audience follows a man's routine life and is led into this environment trying to put together the meaning behind the story. "El Empleo" had significant impact for this project, I am deeply inspired by the story beats of how the narrative is told. Also I admire the aesthetics and texture the drawings bring out. For my project, with this reference I wanted to carry out this idea of introducing a queer world as well as creating a dark atmosphere with the use of textures and layers.